måndag 28 mars 2011

Putting a stop to it

Behold, my current car project. "What is this?" you ask. Well, this is my take on the Corvette C4 12" brake upgrade for the Pontiac Fiero. This swap was described in detail over at the fiero-forum (fiero.nl) and was an obvious choice. But there were things I did not particularly like about that swap. The major thing was that it used M12 bolts in place of the original fiero (M12 fine) and Vette (M14) bolts, requiring the threads in the fiero spindle to be drilled out. So what you see here is my first attempt at improving the adaper.

So today I got some information from Gus at corvette central regarding the C4 brake rotor dimensions and the difference between the 84-87 and 88-96 base rotor (11,5 vs 12 inch diameter and a difference in offset). Once I had this, I included it in my assembly:

No, that is not an optical illusion. I have a design flaw, causing rotor to bracket interference. Well, that will be an easy fix. I think. I also need to add a wart on the adapter to act as a steering stop.

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